President's Invitation

SASPA invites all secondary education leaders to its 2018 Conference

16th & 17th August at the National Wine Centre of Australia

This year’s conference, Seeing Further: The Key to Our Future, seeks to build on the learning from last year’s event, Creativity & Innovation: The New DNA of Schools.

Together these conferences aim to further develop leaders’ understanding about the types of secondary schooling we need now and into the future to better meet the needs of Generation Z students (and the world they will navigate as adults).

Our 2018 conference title references work undertaken by Emeritus Professor Alan Reid – specifically the statement on Public Education in South Australia (April 2017) and an untitled monograph commissioned by our national body, the Australian Secondary Principals’ Association (ASPA), which is scheduled for publication in June 2018.

As leaders in the State’s public education system, we have a key role to play in helping to develop a world class system: one that is contemporary and geared to producing world class learners.  Seeing Further: The Key to Our Future will explore how what makes us public – that is, the key characteristics of quality, equity, diversity and cohesion, collaboration and trust, community and democracy – is such a powerful and irresistible force: one that equips us to meet the educational leadership challenges ahead, together.

The SASPA tradition of an outstanding conference program that recognises and celebrates the leadership of South Australian secondary principals and senior leaders continues in 2018.  Keynote speakers include Pasi Sahlberg, Dr Eva Balan-Vnuk and Ben Walden (who will expand upon his previous work in using Shakespeare to explore issues of educational leadership).

The 2018 SASPA conference combines world-renowned expertise, both international and Australian, alongside school practitioner experience, in a package designed to affirm, challenge, inspire and question the work of educational leadership.  It promises to be a professionally rewarding and personally enriching experience.

On behalf of the SASPA Board, we look forward to seeing you at the National Wine Centre on Thursday 16th and Friday 17th August.


Peter Mader

South Australian Secondary Principals’ Association

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