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SASPA invites all secondary education leaders to its 2016 Conference:

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This year’s conference is Part 3 in a trilogy of annual conferences that commenced in 2014 with “The Ungoogleable: the New Territory of Leading Learning” and was followed in 2015 by “World Class Learners: What Does it Take?”  Together, the three conferences represent SASPA’s take on secondary educational leadership for 21st century learning.

The SASPA position takes the view that our educational model must reflect the information or knowledge age we live in. This means that we are transforming our schools to become more “edgeless”, by having what happens inside our schools as relational as possible to what happens outside schools.  In such a model, learning is designed “as life” and “for life”; it is relevant and meaningful; it is personalised; it is collaborative, and it is accessible anywhere and anytime.  In this information age educational model, the world class learner is one who is best equipped to thrive in a rapidly changing and complex world.

Alongside of two key SASPA position papers, The 2020 Road Map (2013) and Educating in the 21st Century (2015), the 2014 – 2016 annual conference trilogy reinforces the importance for us to “lead the way” and stop trying to “catch up”.  Whilst our 2016 conference will continue to progress this secondary education leadership agenda, we have deliberately introduced a well-being dimension to the conversation.  This is in response to the findings from the 2015 Australian Principal Health, Safety and Wellbeing Survey.

Leading in the Learning Age is a conference designed to explore our thinking further through focussing on:

  • leadership responses to the learning age
  • the actualisation of SASPA’s principles of 21st C learning
  • wellbeing in the learning age (and for its leaders).

These elements form the 3 conference strands that are woven through the 2 day program.

The 2016 SASPA conference combines world-renowned expertise, both international and Australian, alongside DECD school practitioner experience, in a package designed to challenge, affirm and inspire.

We look forward to seeing you

Peter Mader


South Australian Secondary Principals’ Association